Ladi R.o.c.k 

She is not your typical female rapper. She’s hard as a rock because she learned to stay strong, stand tall, and stay focused. When it comes to her music she speaks what’s Real, she’s very Original, confident and Cocky, and Keen. Ladi R.o.c.k was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She grew up with two older brothers who went to sleep and woke up rapping. They are who inspired her and encouraged her to keep on doing what she loves. At 9 she wrote her first rhyme which knocked everybody off of their feet. Since then Ladi R.o.c.k has done shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, and all over Connecticut.

Ladi R.o.c.k has had the pleasure of opening up for some well know artist such as Remy Martin in 2008, Foxy Brown and D12 in 2009 at Toads Place in New Haven. In May of 2008 she took the stage at Sultana’s in Brooklyn, NY and was crowned the first place winner in which she beat out 25 male rap artist. In October of 2009 she received a Holla Back Music Award for Connecticut’s female rap artist of the year and in 2010 she was selected to participate in Connecticut’s #1 hip hop station Hot 93.7 Tri-State tour.

When it comes to her music, Ladi R.o.c.k is far from 1-dimisinoal. She has music that everyone and anyone could relate to. She has a unique flow and a powerful voice that sets her aside from these other female rap artist. Her music is a reflection of her, her surrounding and how she views the world through her eyes. When the time comes everyone will known the name Ladi R.o.c.k, because she is representing hip hop, and hip hop is representing her.


Recent: 2020 Music placed on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

2009 HBV Hip Hop Awards female rap artist of the year
2011 HBV mix CD female rap artist of the year
2011 BTNE lifetime achievement award (female Hip-Hop)
2012 BTNE award show female performance of the year
2012 Award show music video of the year
2014 Connecticut breakthrough award for best female rapper
2014 Source Magazine (November) “10 Most Powerful unsigned”
2015 Best In the Hood Awards female rap artist of the year


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